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You know, it is hard to Follow Your dreams in this day and age. But, dreams are what we can live for. Dreams can keep us going. I wrote this song for myself as an encouragement to always follow my music dreams, no matter what come my way. I hope it will encourage you and motivate you to also aim high and believe that God can open doors. Never give up on your dreams.


Follow Your Dreams
Written by Athena Sorensen
© 2015 Athena Sorensen

Verse 1:
If you have a dream, follow it with all your heart
Set your goals high, know what you want
And don’t let anyone discourage you
Even when times get hard
Cause you can do anything
Reach for the stars

And follow your dreams, aim high
And you will succeed, but never stop
Pursuing it, don’t let your passion die
Believe in yourself, have faith you can
Achieve and follow your dreams

Verse 2:
When you fall get up
Let nothing hold you back
From achieving all your wishes
And your plans, and don’t let
Anything deter you from fulfilling
Your destiny. God has a plan for
You if you just believe.


Dreams do come true
But only if you try
It can happen for you
Let God lead you
And He’ll bless your life.